Sun Moon Lake Bicycle

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CNN 10 most breath-taking cycling routes. Voted 10 classic cycling routes in Taiwan. You should experience our bicycle trip at Sun Moon Lake. Welcome!


Recommended Route/Trip:

Base course:

Sun Moon Lake Xiangshan Bikeway - 3.3 km

a round trip with sightseeing, about 90 minutes.


Advanced course:

Sun Moon Lake whole lake - 33 km

a circle of the lake with sightseeing, about 4.5 hours.

 Sun Moon Lake Map


The bicycle ticket is a day pass until 6 p.m. Please return the bicycle before 6 p.m.


✨Where can get your tickets?

Address is here! ( Near Shueishe Visitor Center)



How To Get There:

• Take a taxi or drive on your own to Sun Moon Lake

• Take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's Sun Moon Lake Route from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake



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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


A soft reminder:

The correct riding posture: when holding the bike handle, the upper half of your body should be a little bit tilt forward. Sitting on the bike seat, your tiptoe should be able to slightly touch the ground.

Before cycling, please check if the brake levers work well and whether it properly brake the wheel.

Before start, please make sure your front and rear are clear and safe.

DO NOT ride your bike by the single arm. Stop your bike if you would like to use a phone or camera.

Avoid sudden movement like sudden acceleration, braking or changing directions.

Some cycling route sections are wooden pavement. When the wooden sections are wet, it can be very slippery, and please ride as slow as possible.

Please slow down on the descending section.

The cycling route and the round-lake highway might be winding. Please slow down at the turns and bends.

Properly selecting the gearshift could help you riding safer and more relaxed.

Wearing a bike helmet all the time when biking.