Sun Moon Lake Ferry PASS

TWD $100 ~ 300

TWD $100 ~ 200

Shipping options:
  • In-store Pickup
  • Post office
  • 7-11 Convenience Store Pickup
Payment options:
  • Bank Transfer
  • 7-11 Pickup
  • Credit Card

Special offer

Product details

product details

To provide passengers with a better lake cruising experience, we recommend all passengers take Sun Moon Lake Ferry to visit all of the famous attractions.



Arrange your time by yourselves - a relaxed trip for you

Convenient Transportation for you

Unlimited take a boat a day

Cheap Tickets

✨Relaxed route

Kind Customer Service


✨Where can get your tickets?

Address is here! ( Near Shueishe Visitor Center)



How To Get There:

• Take a taxi or drive on your own to Sun Moon Lake

• Take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's Sun Moon Lake Route from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake



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